Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mom Painting

I ran across this video I shot of my Mom painting which is from 2007. I found it among files transferred off the hard drive of my mom's old fried laptop. And here's what my Mom was working on! Beautiful Mom, just beautiful!


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing ...

  2. You have the cutest mom ever. :-)

    And I'm glad you were able to retrieve files!

  3. Thanks for watching, Robin!

    Aww, thanks Liz, she'll be pleased :) BTW I'm glad YOU were able to retrieve files! This wouldn't have been possible without you so THANKS!!!

  4. Thank you for giving me a chance to show my work to all your nice followers.

    I love being in a video on your blog.

    And thanks to Liz@LushBeads for retrieving the files and for her sweet comment.

    I am pleased and delighted.

  5. Oh she is so cute. Thanks for sharing her with us. I really like her jaunty painting.