Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Podcast Recommendation of the Week - Number 5

Here's a quickie podcast recommendation for a short week:

Planet Money!

I love Planet Money on NPR. This team of reporters investigates the economy, economics, and economists then reports back in an entertaining and easy to understand format. Recommended if you like Marketplace and want to know more about what economic terms like Collateralized Debt Obligation mean. They go deeper into what actually happened during the recent economic meltdown by talking with economists of all opinions.

I got so interested in economics after listening to this podcast that I tried listening to other economics podcasts but, um, no. The Planet Money team is doing something special. The segments are usually short, about 20 minutes, which makes for a nice little bite of a podcast.


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  1. Thanks Liz - I will definitely give it a listen. Love Marketplace!

  2. This sounds interesting. I think you could make just about anything sound interesting. I love your blog posts.