Monday, September 20, 2010

Stitch Magazine Giveaway!

So excited and honored to have my pincushion ring chosen as a wish list item in the Special Fall 2010 issue of Stitch Magazine from Interweave Press!

I am very happy to announce that I have one copy of this fabulous issue of Stitch to give away.

After 20 years owning a sewing machine I am sadly still mostly a novice and I am itching to learn more about sewing, especially small projects like pillows and bags. So here's what you do to enter this magazine giveaway: leave a comment below with a link to your favorite sewing tutorial website/blog or your favorite online sewing project tutorial. That's it! The winner will be chosen randomly from all the entries received.

As a special, separate bonus, I will send a free pincushion ring to the person who points me toward the website or tutorial I find the most helpful and/or inspiring.

The giveaway deadline for entry is Thursday, September 23rd with the winner of the magazine giveaway announced on Friday the 24th.

The winner of the pincushion ring will be announced after I have had a chance to look at all the links.

Please remember to include a way for me to contact you if you are the winner and good luck!


  1. I realy love to visit your blog and your shop. Your broches, pincushions and jewelry are soooo great. You've deserved to be published in the magazine. I would love to have something so cute as that, especially as it's pink.

  2. I just wanted to say Congratulations on the magazine include!! It's the cutest ring too!!

  3. congrats! & some day I need to make it up to Lowell to your shop since I'm only 45 mins away... :)

  4. Love that little ring. Congrats on the feature!

    I refer to this site often for how-to advice:

  5. d'oh. forgot a link!

    I could teach you how to sew! :D haha

    if its clothing I'm making, I like to check to see if other people thought the pattern was a complete waste of time or completely frustrating. its also nice if people leave little tips or tricks about a complicated pattern.

  6. Just wanted to say Congratulations on your feature! I love checking out your blog & new stuff in your shop! Super cute & whimsical! I love all of it!!!

  7. Congrats! I LOVE all of the stuff you create. I LOVE to felt too. Not the best at sewing either, I try :) I just made a baby blanket from the instructions were really easy to follow. There is a really cute pattern for a handbag on the site too!

  8. Hi- congrats on the magazine feature!!
    I think Sew Mama Sew has links to lots of great tutorials and interesting articles for all levels of 'sewers'.
    Cute pincushion ring-what a great idea :)

  9. I love this blog post and all the wonderful response you are receiving.

    Some delightfully nice people read your blog!

  10. Love your blog!

    My fav tutorial/sewing site is...

  11. You are amazing and your blog is a daily read for me-I even take a look at older entries to get further inspiration.


  12. i'm in the same boat. have a sewing machine, but not very much true know-how. i keep thinking that a class would be the best way for me. just cause i'm a do-er, not a learner. but for inspiration~sew mama sew! so much variety, so many ideas, it's sew nice to have all those ideas in one, well-organized place! xoxo

  13. Very lovely blog and shop! If I may, I'd like you to check out my blog. I have some basic tutorials for bags there. Whenever I teach sewing to kids, I make sure they have a finished project at the first sitting. That's so important to building confidence. I hope you will find my tutorials helpful and easy to follow.

    Thanks for the fun!

  14. Congrats, that is awesome!!

    While I love all her quilting tutorials, the one I have found most helpful and most quilt-confidence-boosting has been Oh Fransson's tutorial about making the quilt sandwich (for me, a very intimidating part of the process):

  15. Hi Liz! -- I love Stitch mag and can never find it in shops ... I hear soon they will offer subscriptions (Yay). Anyway ... There are a ton of great tutorials, projects and sew alongs on Sew Mama Sew Bags and pillows are a great place to start. ps (hope to bring some "tourist" visitor to Lowell on Saturday)

  16. Congrats, Liz! Your pincushion ring is definitely drool-worthy. SO cute! :)

    Amy Butler has a really nice selection of free patterns on her website, which you can get to here:

    The patterns are fairly quilt-heavy, but there are definitely some bags and pillows mixed in, too. Plus, Amy Butler's patterns are laid out super well so you should really get a lot out of them, tutorial-wise.

    What a fun contest! I'm totally going to look through all of these links, myself! I think you should have my contact info if I win, since I'm signing in with my Google ID, but in case you don't my E-mail is SarahLois AT msn DOT com. :)

    Congrats again!

  17. Wow, so excited to find your site - AND a giveaway!

    I am a total sewing novice also, but I go to Angry Chicken and Sew Mama Sew for online help, when my books aren't doing it for me.

  18. I got a new sewing machine a couple of Christmases ago, but I've only just finished my craft room (squee!) so I haven't had a chance to set it up yet. A few other commenters have already mentioned Sew Mama Sew, but I also like Anna Marie Horner (see and her books "Seems to Me" and "Handmade Beginnings".

  19. I always bookmark sewing tutorials however I haven't had the time to get back to them. I would love to take a year sewing things to increase my familiarity with my sewing machine. I do not have a "most useful" because I haven't used them yet :)

  20. This link has some great info on basic things that you'll need/want to too... plus they make some great patterns...
    You can email me at agulbenk@gmail !! :-)

  21. Thank you all so much for your kind wishes, for participating and for pointing me toward what I know will be a treasure trove of sewing information! I look forward to checking out all the links and choosing a winner for the pincushion ring.

    Now I will use Random Number generator to choose the winner of the free copy of stitch!