Monday, November 22, 2010

Etsy Holiday Gift Guide - Local

This holiday gift guide features local area (Massachusetts, New Hampshire) artisans I've gotten to know better this year. Please check out their shops for gift giving ideas! (Note: gift to self, always an excellent choice :)

Kerry Hawkins
Kerry takes pictures that capture what's interesting about a particular place at a particular moment. She often photographs a person's hands as they are making something and posts it on her blog, always makes me happy when she chooses me :)

Mimi Kirchner

Mimi's work snuck up on me. I never intended to become interested in art dolls, and I will tell you, I'm still not really. But Mimi's work just mesmerizes me. The details, the materials, the craftsmanship! Her unique take and the characters she chooses to manifest. Wow. You'll see.

Red Staggerwing
Lisa makes beautiful bags that are expertly sewn! I treasure the little card case I got from her.

Stonehouse Studio

Betsy transforms polymer clay in elegant ways. Her work is beautiful and modern.

Stray Notions
Sharon has a whimsical way with textiles I find charming.

To Boldly Fold
I'm just getting to know Melissa, can't wait to see her work in person, I love the finishing touches on her hand bound books; vintage buttons, beach stones.

Vintage by Crystal

Crystal makes charming, vintage-inspired spun cotton decorations which are at once nostalgic and modern, very sweet.

Jen's work is so adorable and her craftsmanship is so expert, I think I need one of her ornaments this year!


  1. I love these finds. Thank you for including me

  2. Liz, it has been a pleasure getting to know you better as well. Thanks for mentioning my work!

  3. Lovely work and even lovelier ladies! Include yourself in this list, Liz!

  4. Such a great list... my etsy faves list just got longer :)