Monday, November 29, 2010

Etsy Holiday Gift Guide - Rhode Island

In the last few years Rhode Island artisans have become some of my greatest internet friends, and because RI is not far from where I live, I sometimes get to see some of these friendly crafters in person at shows! I have my work in the all handmade shop Craftland in Providence and I do very well there. I feel like Rhode Island folks just get me. And I get them too! I highly recommend their gorgeous goods:

à la mode stuff
Seatbelt bags :: home decor :: jewelry & more. Linda makes amazing items with seatbelts, yes, seatbelts. Also industrial jewelry, switch plates and fun jewelry. I have one of her home prints and I love it!

D. S. Brennan Photography
I only know this photographer through her friendly tweets, but I love these images. They cover all my favorite topics: flora, fauna, the ocean!


Screenprinted goodies, handmade with love. What can I say about Heather? She is a fabulous person who makes utterly original work! Dell and I buy her cards and bookmarks whenever we see her. And the coffee at her shop is excellent too.

K. O'Brien Jewelry
Contemporary handcrafted jewelry. Kim is someone I met online and am very glad I got to meet in real life. She is so generous and kind, and her jewelry is gorgeous!

Kristin Crane

Books, travel journals and other fun stuff! Kristin is an amazing bookbinder. Her map-covered, hand-bound, blank journals make excellent gifts for travelers and graduates. Plus Kristin is the fun voice of Craftland on Twitter!

Parrott Design Studio
Letterpress wedding & stationery. I've met Sarah in person at shows and I just love her elegant letterpress!

Tanner Glass
FUNctional Objects for Everyday Life. Suzanne is a glassblower! How cool is that? She's also a super nice person I love interacting with online and running into at craft shows :)


  1. What a lovely post, elegant and charming.

  2. WOW! Great items. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Yay, so many great artists, and friends!

  4. i LOVE this post! go lil rhody!!
    ps. you were on martha?! i am so jealous! i think i would literally die of an omg overdose!
    thanks again for the awesome post!

  5. Craftland is awesome! I bought a print there this weekend and squealed when I saw your stuff there. :)

  6. You're so sweet! Thank you! Can't wait to finally meet you face to face! And party with all our Craftland friends!

  7. oo! Some of my favorites and some new ones! I am loving your excellent gift guides :-)

  8. Yay, RI! Thank you so much for the sweet words! Hopefully we meet again soon. :)

  9. Thanks Liz! We RI'ers certainly consider you to be one of us!

  10. I do love RI and Craftland. We are a crafty little state with lots of heart. Thanks for this sweet post.

  11. So much beautiful artwork to choose from! And the photos are amazing. :)

    Good luck with all your holiday shows!

  12. Yes, we Rhode Islanders Get you! :) Great post! I wish I didn't have to miss your evening at Craftland. How did it go? By the way, D.S. Brennan is the daughter of a good friend of mine, Linda Brennan. Small world...