Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Etsy Holiday Gift Guide - Lowell

I made a list of some excellent local online shop owners I know, they either live in or have a studio in Lowell, Massachusetts. I hope you will check them out for your holiday shopping!

Brick Mill Studio
Intricate and lovely bead crochet by an expert. I have a bead crochet bracelet in my favorite colors and it is so comfortable to wear, I treasure it!

Heather Wang Jewelry
Enamel jewelry and custom pieces, this is her 2010 ornament, I have one and I love it!

The Intuitive Garden
Painstakingly-crafted, original, resin jewelry. I have a HUGE collection of Intuitive Garden earrings that I treasure and wear all the time.

Junk Culture
For the the ultimate in hip eco-giving, buy vintage! Junk Culture has an excellent eye for classy and kitschy home goods.

Lush Beads
Carefully constructed jewelry, this is from her new unisex industrial line made from upcycled computer parts, I think they look excellent!

Skiing Weaver
Handwoven Scarves, wraps, journals. My Skiing Weaver scarf gets a bazillion compliments and is so comfy!

Sweet Lydia's
I don't eat sugar so I am relying on all of you to support this super nice baker! The husband gives her smores an enthusiastic thumbs up and I think they would make any holiday party a hit.

Walk On The Moon
One of a kind & limited edition artisan jewelry, she has an eye for things that sparkle exquisitely!


  1. Fabulous!
    Thank you for including my shop! :-)

  2. This post is so nice! What a lovely group of artists and crafters you feature here.

  3. So sweet! What an amazing feature! Thanks! xo

  4. Yay, thanks for including me. PS my dad leave blog comments saying "love, Dad".

  5. You are so kind to give me a shout out. I will retweet this lovely guide of my fellow local artisans!

  6. Great guide!! ... and then they can come to me and be photographed with all of their new goodies for free! ;-)

  7. These are awesome! Thanks so much for the guide. Peace, Angela