Saturday, September 8, 2007

Opening the Door

I spent some time in my studio last week. I started painting the door. A lot of artists have painted their gray doors fun colors, and I wanted to join in. I chose Pumpkin Patch in glossy from Behr at Home Depot, but it's coming out way more Pumpkin than Patch. That's OK though, I love the bright door and it's sure to catch the eye of passers by! Next I must think of a clever way to put my studio number on the door.

I also took time to sit and craft even though there is still so much organizing to do. I seem to fall into an organic schedule when I spend time in my studio, happily drifting from project to project without anxiety. I generally prefer structure to my day, but since I know everything I am doing in the studio, whether making something or just sorting beads, is all a valid use of time, I am content to be less linear. Which is saying a lot for me because I am so freaking linear! Classic Virgo :)

So I made these new felt flowers and I am in love with them! I listed two in my shop.

The purple one has a shiny brass button which I selected with help from Candace of The Intuitive Garden fame. She came to my studio last week and we had a fun day of crafting together! She is also a Virgo and we get along wonderfully. We have enough in common to get along really well, and are just enough different to have a million things to say to each other. She is also unbelievably generous, as you know, and brought me craft supplies and promotional items she made for me with her badge maker, what a delightful surprise! Next week I will experiment with the new medium I have been very curious about that she gave me. I'll let you know if I make anything worth sharing :)

I'll be back in the studio Monday to put a final(?) coat of paint on the door and make more things for the upcoming stART on the Street festival I am doing on Sunday, September 16th with Liz from Lush Beads who invited me and is generously sharing her tent. She's another person with whom I always have a million things to talk about. I guess that describes Amanda as well! It occurs to me I may have made some really cool friends :)

I found out another couple of Western Avenue artists may be attending stART as vendors as well, that would be great! I'll be sure to take pictures.


  1. That pumpkin door is excellent! That color is so you!

  2. Your Dad and I love that color!
    Pumpkin Patch indeed!

    We loved finding your blog this morning, a great report.

    Love, Mom