Sunday, September 2, 2007

Open for business

I was in my new studio for the first Saturday Open Studios at Western Avenue yesterday. I had reattached the baseboard molding with the glue intended for the product and it stayed up beautifully. I covered the unfinished bookcases with a neutral flannel sheet and draped a two-tiered computer table with burnt orange corduroy. I brought a lamp in from home to combat the back lighting from the large windows, it seemed to help some. I set out my goods and mingled with my neighbors.

The weather was beautiful and it's a holiday weekend so I wasn't expecting too many folks and that turned out to be an accurate assessment. But that's OK, I still had fun setting out my items and visiting with other artists. One of the photographers on my floor took artist portraits; a group shot and some individuals for publicity. I wonder if/where I'll show up?

I met the new tenant of 4-11, she's super nice and getting all moved in. I look forward to seeing how she's going to transform that room! (I believe we share a love of the color burnt orange.)

I also met another artist with whom I share a love of all things felty. Sharon is a teacher and wonderfully generous with information and even bought a felt flower pin! I can't wait to check out all the references she gave me for wool fiber resources. (One of which is this place I've never been!)

So even though I am very happy, I am a little overwhelmed right now. What's on my mind:

1) Thinking about having enough items made for the holidays

2) Charging/filing/paying sales tax (just got a certificate)

3) Getting set up to accept credit cards with ProPay

4) Getting another outlet and track lighting installed

5) Starting a mailing list (way overdue)

6) Not really having the funds to arrange the studio the way I want to right away (but that's OK I'm patient!)

7) Turning 38 on September 3rd! *sigh*

What helps ease my anxiety? Emailing my mom. D performing his usual thoughtful actions like bringing me iced coffee during Open Studios, and having flowers waiting for me when I got home! And a birthday dinner reservation at the new restaurant that opened down the street :)

It also helps to have great friends (thanks for listening, Rosie.) Including Etsy friends, who are always delighting me with their generosity and support. (I'm talking about you Amy, Maia and Amanda!!)

Also waiting for me when I got home? This package from Candace.

Of course I couldn't wait and opened it a full two days early! Well, I have to tell you it just made my day to see her thoughtful gifts wrapped so beautifully. I can't wait to wear my new earrings and tell everyone who admires them where I got them! Thanks so much, you get the brightest golden star right in the middle of your forehead :)


  1. Hey, look at you in your official studio! You and your wares look so happy to be there!

    Aww, you're very welcome for the support-I'm living vicariously through you. Can I be on your mailing list? You never know when I might be in Lowell sometime (and when I arrive, can we go shoe shopping together because, dang, you have the BEST shoes!!)

    Happy Birthday, too!!

  2. Happy Birthday! I love these blog notes and the photos.
    The gifts from Candace! Classy and beautiful!

    Love, Love, Love, Mom

  3. Your displays always look great. Are those polymer clay barrettes up front?

  4. hey, today is sept 3! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! your studio, wares and YOU look GREAT!!!

  5. Maia, as soon as I make any sort of list, you're on it :) (And those are my nicest shoes which I bought in a flukey moment of genius)

    Thanks mom, wouldn't be here without you, and I mean that in every sense!

    cozy, thanks!! Yep those are PC barrettes, they are actually from the old days when I used to do the flea! Good as ever though.

    maggie, thanks!! You rock :)

  6. First off, happy birthday! Your set up looks great. Try to relax a bit, I'm sure you will get everything done in time. I wish you much success!

  7. Your new space looks great!
    Happy birthday!

    AND you've been tagged!
    See the details here:
    Dancinjules Blog

  8. If you mean Sharon Manley, she is the reason I moved to Lowell!!! :-)