Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Grub Street Hacks

It is time to reveal the identity of my ever patient husband, heretofore referred to as D.

Dell has a secret life as a fiction writer and the secret is out! He has been taking novel writing workshops at Grub Street with Jenna Blum and as such, was eligible to submit a previously published work for Grub Street's tenth anniversary anthology, Hacks. Which was exciting enough, but he has been invited to read on July 27th, 9:30 PM at the publication party!

I am completely proud and thrilled for him, He works EXTREMELY hard, writes really well, and I wish him all the success in the world!


  1. Wow, an author husband! How cool. May have the next Harry Potter series and you can buy yourself a polymer workshop in the hills. :)

  2. Way to go, Dell! What is his story about?

    ps Thanks for the warm Welcome Home!

  3. Hi Maia! His story is called "The Wedding Videographer" it's a really entertaining story about a guy who videos weddings for a living. His experiences filming people's weddings are interspersed with stories about the girls he almost married through his life.

  4. That sounds excellent! Can I track down a copy?

  5. As soon as I can figure out where they are selling it, I will post a link on the sidebar of my blog!

    The version published in Hacks actually an excerpt, the long version is more satisfying. Maybe I can convince D to let me send you the whole story :)