Tuesday, July 3, 2007

New Wire Wrapped Earrings

I saw these faceted Labradorite beads on Etsy and I had to have them! I love the shape and the flashes of blue.

Usually when I get excited by a material or a jewelry component, I get flustered and though I have the inclination to sit down and "see what the material wants me to make with it", in that mindframe, I am sadly incapable of creating anything attractive. I don't quite understand this phenomenon, it happens a lot with polymer clay. I guess I just work better with a plan, even if I deviate from it along the way. I am not the sort to "wing it" and I suppose my muse knows this :)

I had always planned to wrap these and with several lengths of 26 gauge sterling wire in hand, I wrapped the heck out of them! I achieved that "messy on purpose" look I've been enjoying in others' work. Then I dangled them from sterling chain and created a very elegant pair of earrings, it felt great!

But they aren't finished, I will change out the earwire for something a touch more elegant (also ordered from Etsy, on their way here) and I will oxidize the silver to give it depth and bring out the texture of the wraps.


  1. They are beautiful! I must say, I am quite enamoured with your work.

    I am a Lowell resident as well, and after your last post, I wondered if you will be one of the artisans presenting at the Folk Festival?

  2. Wow! That's super nice to hear :) No, I am not participating in the Folk Festival (I love attending though!) But I am right now, this week, moving into a studio over at Western Avenue Studios and will be there for open studios 12-5 this Saturday July 7th, and the first Saturday of every month! My temporary (for July and August) studio is on the 4th floor, #11.

    Would love to meet you!