Thursday, July 26, 2007

PCAGOE July Challenge, Summer Memories

Here is my entry for the July Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy challenge. The theme was summer memories. I collected shells and made molds with polymer clay, then I cast the shells in polymer clay, baked them and sanded the backs flat and drilled a little hole for stringing.

I love shells and collect them on every beach I visit. I remember as a kid on Martha's Vineyard, we would collect large conch shells that had washed up on State Beach. We'd take them home and leave them on the porch railings. We'd use large quahog shells with pretty purple edges for soap dishes. And sea worn half-bricks that washed ashore would get put on top of the old wood stove. On cool evenings we'd take a smooth brick to bed with us to warm our toes.


  1. These are so very lovely. And the way you make them is fascinating.

    They certainly say "Summer" to me.

    Love, Mom

  2. Those are sooooo pretty! I love shells!

  3. Thanks so much!! I can't wait to make more :)