Tuesday, July 24, 2007

South End Open Market

I did it! (With lots of help.) On Sunday, July 22nd, I set up a table at the South End Open Market in the SOWA district of downtown Boston. We got beautiful weather, sunny and dry, not too hot. We were greeted by the show's manager, the completely adorable Katy of Muchacha K. I paired with Candace of The Intuitive Garden which worked out very well. She brought her brand new EZ up tent and her very nice husband. After getting over the shock of a last minute announcement that we needed 40 pound weights on each leg of the tent, all went smoothly.

D helped me set up my display, putting all the cards in the spinner rack and even hanging earrings on the earring display. Don't forget he got up at 6 AM on a Sunday and lugged a 50 pound bag of sand around as well, all with a smile and a "What can I do to help?" I am so lucky!

I was very pleased with my display, I thought it was pretty classy for being the first time with these new items. I didn't make a huge number of sales, but I did make some and interacting with people was a lot of fun. I fell right back into craft show mode, my latant skills pushed to the surface and I was explaining polymer clay over eggshells and how to felt with ease. I even set up a demonstration and showed needle felting to fascinated onlookers, including a very bright three year old boy.

I met a few more Etsians, which is always fun. Betsy of Stonehouse Studio was there, paired with Zesty B . Back to back with us were Raven Works and Bear Cat . Dell bought a super cool postcard from Such and Such Productions whose wife, Amy Olson Jewelry was the first person I've heard say "Oh! You're made in lowell!" Which is the delighted sound of one Etsian who recognizes another in real life.

We packed up at 4, tired and content. When we got back to Lowell, D took me out for dinner and a drink on the sidewalk at Cafe Paradiso.

My next show is the last one of the season, October 28th, mom should be accompanying me like the good old days. Lets hope for good weather!


  1. Beautiful notes. Loved the set-up, bright, colorful ,and very classy indeed.

    Love, Mom

  2. So glad you had fun! Maybe I will see you there next time. Your display looked GREAT!

  3. Thanks mom! Missed you.

    Angela, thanks for the comment, have you done SEOM a bunch?

  4. Your stall looks great... best of luck for the next one! Sara x

  5. Congrats. It's so much fun - I know. Great Weather - that's wonderful. Can't wait to see you soon. love, ss

  6. Sara, thx, your blog is fab!

    Snoozer, you know how it is :) Can't wait to see you too!

  7. I had so much fun sharing a space with you Liz. You are just as classy as your display.

    Your work is so wonderful. I purchased two cards already I am sure to be back for more.

  8. I'm glad you had a good time! I wish I could have been there for your needle felting demonstration!

    ps Showing my shallow side: I love the red shoes you wore that day!

  9. Candace, you were a dreamy booth-mate. Thanks so much!

    Maia, it's all about the shoes!!

  10. Hi Liz!

    It was so great to meet you and to be "booth neighbors." I love all of your stuff and I've already sent links to your (and Candace's, too) etsy.com stores to my pals.

    Best to you,

  11. Hi there! Thanks so much :) Wasn't that fun? Look for my Flicker pics, I think you are in one of the shots!

  12. Liz!

    I love your stuff, I received the felt flower pin the other day and it's gorgeous! We're posting an entry about you next week, but Darlene and I would love to meet up with you and talk about your stuff (and grab a coffee or a tini at Cobbies!).

    Megan from A Girl Must Shop

  13. Hi Megan, yay! That's super cool, thanks :) I would love to meet up, shoot me a gmail and we can figure out a plan!

  14. you look so happy... you have the "show" in you, I can tell.