Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Keys

I got the keys! I had received an email from the building owner (who is not on site) that the keys would be available on Wednesday the 25th at noon. So I went in to my temp studio, dropped off some things and walked down the peeling staircase in the center of the building to the third floor. I checked out Mill A and found the workmen still installing door handles. Not yet, I figured out, and went back upstairs to work. I had gotten a lot done when my friend and neighbor, another Etsy crafter came by to chat. I crossed my fingers and we went back down to check again. This time the door handles were installed and the keys were dangling from them!

I eagerly took possession of A305, had BrickMillStudio snap this pic, locked the door and quickly ran away! It's a bit overwhelming, I've waited so long. The next item on the agenda is wiping down the walls which have been patched and sanded, but not cleaned, and mopping the floor. I also want to scrub the bricks in the windowsill and see if D can pry at least one of the two windows open for me.

I have been carrying easily a dozen paint chips with me for a month and I had narrowed it down to two nearly identical shades of mint (Spirit Whisper has more yellow). Usually with color I am not this indecisive, but I want to get it right. Friday I walked around the room holding the two tiny swatches up against different walls to see which one stood out. I keep coming back to one of them, even though I worry how it will look on a large surface, but I have to go with my instincts, and hey, if it's wrong, I can paint over it! Stay tuned to find out which one I picked :)


  1. Congratulations! I'm excited to see your studio blossom!

  2. This is wonderful! So exciting.

    All my love, Mom

  3. Thanks Maia!! It's somehow more fun sharing it with y'all.

    Mom, I literally could not do this without you, thanks for everything :)

  4. I am very proud of my sister Liz. This deal is gonna be GREAT and it will look beautiful because you have amazing taste and you will put all of yourself into it. You ROCK1 Your brother John W.

  5. Congratulations! That is so exciting!

  6. i hope you can get those dingdanged windows opened! i can't wait to see which color you pick...

  7. My brother and my brother-in-law opened them for me! Thanks for the screens. When I stuck my head out the window, my brother said "That's like a guillotine!" And he's right, but we had it propped up with two sticks, so that's safe, right?

    I picked a color and now I'm waiting for the fairy of free paint to grant it to me :)

  8. I have to admit to lurking on your blog for some time and following the progress toward your new studio. Congrats on finally getting the keys to your new space. I'm chasing my own dream of a little shop for silk florals and other handcrafted goodies (still in its hazy planning stage) and have drawn much inspiration from your drive and your craft.

    Wishing you all the best!!! You are truly talented :)

  9. Wow! Super nice of you to write, I love a friendly lurker :)

    I hope you get to open the shop that you dream of. If it's all you can think about and you research it to death, you should be successful!

    I hope to add more posts about what I have learned in my many years of retail experience, some of the best things I've learned are what NOT to do, and I'd love to save someone the misery.

    Anyway, I'll go check out your blog and such!

    Cheers :)