Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Soft Opening

On Saturday, July 7th, I participated in my first ever open studios! As you can see, all my stuff is still in boxes on the floor, but I was able to set out the conference table near the doorway and cover it with a nice burnt-orange corduroy and lay out all my goods. I had all the items I made for my Etsy shop plus some I haven't listed yet in addition to some older pieces from when I used to do The Flea. Also the card spinner with mom's cards!

It was a quiet day as a lot of people are on vacation. I got maybe 15 folks through, and we had pleasant conversations. Visitors were interested in process, which I apparently love discussing! But no one asked prices. I had brought my current project which is a box of earring components I have matched up but not assembled, I worked on those all day. I had a CD player and I played Marissa Montje, Patty Griffin, Sarah Harmer and Bebel Gilberto.

I brought the traditional egg salad sandwich for lunch and D came by in the afternoon with a caffeinated diet soda. I tried to remember to eat. The only crisis that occurred was when I realized that the price list I had so carefully created in Excel the night before was missing all the prices! I don't have my Etsy price list memorized and the information was crucial (or it would have been if anyone had asked!) I realized it right as D came in, he saw the panic on my face and sprang into action, going back home, widening the column to allow the numbers to appear, reprinting it and bringing it back. I tell you, I am really glad we live so close to the studio!

So I didn't make any sales, but I had a nice time and gave out my business card. At five o'clock I left everything laid out on my tables, locked up and left. That was truly the biggest thrill, not having to put everything away! Later that evening I cried a little, I missed my supplies like they were away at overnight camp for the first time. But I know I can go play with them anytime I like, and I love how much bigger our apartment is getting!


  1. The studio looks great - congratulations! Are you going to be participating in open studios every month - I'd love to come down and check out your stuff. Are the wire wrapped earrings that you recently posted about going to be available either on Esty or in the studio? I love them!

  2. Hey thanks! I will be at every open studio if I am in town, they are always first Saturdays. Plus I will have regular hours in my studio. I would love to meet you! I feel like I already kind of know you, isn't that funny?

    If you are talking about the Labradorite earrings, yes, they will eventually be for sale. I want to oxidize them first.

  3. What a beautiful blog posting!
    I do remember the litte table you used to set up when you were maybe four or five years old, with your hand-made wares. I bought them because they were great, and your prices were good!
    I still have them, of course.

    Love, Mom

  4. Good prices, nice space, great husband...Anytime you need a diet soda, just give me a holla.

  5. How exciting for you! What a great space with so much natural light! Congratulations.

  6. what a great studio! i'm so jealous ;)

  7. Thanks mom, you were always my best customer!

    Anonymous, careful, I'll take you up on that offer WINK

    Persimmons and aidan, thanks so much! This is my temp studio, I'm moving next month to a space that is very similar, but not as bright. And possibly not as stifling hot either :)